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Unlocking Europe: Hungarian Residency Permit Service

Our company provides assistance to both individuals and businesses in meeting the requirements for immigration and employment permits.

About Us

Building bridges, fostering exchange

Our residency permit service presents an unparalleled chance to establish a foothold in Europe. Our aim is to ensure smooth cooperation so that our clients can focus on the important things in life without worry. We are readily available to assist you and your family members in obtaining the appropriate residence permit type, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations in Hungary.


Which Residence Permit Do You Need?


Popularly known as "Golden Visa", reserved for premium category international investors aiming for long-term business ventures in Hungary. This program is designed to stimulate economic growth while providing a 10-year residency option that can be renewed every 10th year.

Family Cohabitation

This program provides a pathway for individuals to bring their families together in Hungary, fostering unity and cohesion. This initiative facilitates the reunion of family members, ensuring their presence and support network in the country, thereby contributing to a stronger sense of belonging and integration within Europe.


Tailored for international students seeking to pursue their studies in Hungary. This permit enables students from third countries to reside in Hungary for the duration of their educational program, facilitating their academic pursuit and providing opportunities for cultural exchange and personal growth.

Digital Nomad

For those individuals embracing a location-independent lifestyle, allowing them to live and work in Hungary. Offering flexibility for digital nomads from third countries, providing a conducive environment for remote work whilst enjoying the cultural richness and amenities of Hungary.

Work Permit

Allowing opportunities for individuals from third countries to legally engage in work activities in Hungary. This enables qualified workers to contribute their skills and expertise to the Hungarian economy, fostering growth and cultural exchange. Different permits available.

Our Clients

Employing Third Country Labor

HR solutions for your business.

Do you need extra manpower? DALIDA Human Solutions provides customised solutions for workforce needs - recruiting third country labor, addressing shortages, and supporting employment opportunities.

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